Fuez: Portland’s Green Countertop Option

I’ve followed the evolution of the Fuez line of countertops for some time. Last spring I visited the facility and showroom to see how this great product is made. Aside from the fact that it’s positively beautiful, Fuez offers some great advantages over other materials.

First, if you’re in the pacific northwest, it’s a relatively local product. By producing the slabs in Portland, Fuez minimizes your carbon footprint. Recycled glass and fly-ash concrete contribute to the products green qualities. And, unlike most granite, this product won’t contribute to strip mining. Oh, and did I mention you can have just about any combination of glass size, color, and shape? All around, this is an outstanding product.

If you want to see samples, it’s available at several outlets. In the Portland metro, you can visit the Fuez showroom in North Portland. If you live in SE Portland, Fuez is available at a number of showrooms including Ecohaus.